997 'Restoration'


  1. So you find a 1962 997 survivor that's spent 20 years in a lockup and is rustfree and what do you do to it ….



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    [color=black][size=2]I'm not sure what he has passed on – syphillis would be more welcome than his knowledge. Have you seen his genuine Mk 2 S? :shock:[/size][/color]

    [color=black][size=2]They still have the death penalty in some US states and you can see why – perhaps it should be compulsory for those who muck up a perfectly good car :?[/size][/color]

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    I cannot believe what this idiot did to the car. Some Americans do have taste, but sadly, they appear to be in the minority. What an abortion!! 🙁

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    Funny innit , the Yanks are only doing what we all did to our Minis in the 60's and 70's ! In fact their's are more period if you think of it like that ! :POurs are all bog standard Heritage Certificate reshells with all the 'right' bits and theirs are all bastardisedoriginal cars, oh the irony ! :PAnd I reckon I know who's having more fun with 'em !:P

    Having said all that……………… I couldn't dothat to a car myself either ! 😛

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    We can't prohibit people to change cars as they like but one may wonder why someone uses the more expensive cars for such 'conversions'. In my view, the early Mini's and the rarer versions only have good value if they are near to original. And many of the people on this board seem to agree that originality is what counts most. After 'conversions' like these, the only thing that still has a bit of value is the V5…

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    All I would say was each to their own. There has been nothing done to the car that couldn't be put back by someone who wanted a standard looking one.

    In the great scheme of things I have seen far worse creations, and suspect that most people here have too.


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    [font='comic sans ms']Well, I'm not sure that bad taste is just a yank thing, having been to many shows in the UK in the last 15yrs I'm sure bad taste is alive and well over here, even the fancy dress themes encouraged by show organisers make me cringe. Our posts on our favorite ebay sacks of poo tend to underline this, e.g. the pants mini!!!!:D:cool:The yanks can just afford to take it to the next level.:shock:[/font]

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    It's the easiest thing in the world to criticise the work of others – as the old saying goes 'I love hard work. I could watch it all day'.

    But………OH – MY – GOD.:shock: What is wrong with Yanks? Why do they insist on ruining cars like this? It's not just Minis, have you seen what they're doing to sixties fastback Mustangs by making them into 'Eleanor' lookalikes?
    If you took that poor Cooper to a UK show you would be widely regarded as an idiot. I guess looking like a dick is de rigeur in the USA. Poor car(s).

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    I think the van has had the luckiest escape:shock::shock:

    Not sure which is the worst, the Cooper or the S – both are bloody awful 😯

    Interesting to see the sunroof go in when over here we put new rooves on to get rid of them :DAlso nice to see that he retained the bent clutch arm 😛

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    like Mark said each to their own, at least it's been kept on the road and somebody is enjoying it.

    But I have to say it isn't my cup of tea either. Wonder what the interior will look like after a couple of hours of sun over there.

    Part from that, apparently the van was sold to somebody else who did seem to like it so there must be more people out there who like their minis that way.

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    Its just a different culture isn't it and all the glitter doesn't appeal to our conservative tastes over here. I don't find it offensive although it certainly isn't what I would do to mine. It IS being used and loved which is the main thing and as Mark mk1 says, it could all be put back again another day – nothing has really been spoiled……….. It was quite a find wasn't it!

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    On a similar sort of note. A few years ago I built a Shorrock supercharged Traveller, some of you may have seen it on the MCR stand at Mini40. It was in my opinion pretty tasteful and also wen't like stink for a more or less standard 850 Estate.

    When I sold it, it went to the states, it went via air as the guy didn't want to risk damaging what he called a historicly significant car. I was really pleased about this as I didn't want to see it get wrecked by someone other than myself, watching it decay year on year at Mini shows really did not apeal.

    Anyway about 6 months after the sale, the guy was 'kind' enough to send me pictures of the now improved Traveller. . . . . .

    Gone was the Shorrock blower & 850 engine, replaced by a 1380 metro engine.

    Gone were the brand new Cooper S disk brakes, replaced with the 'much better' 8.4' items.

    Gone were the imaculate set of 4.5' S rims, replaced by some totally hideous 12' alloys.

    The ba$74rd wanted to know what I thought of the improvements. He also had a whole list of other stuff he was planning on doing too, but thankfully I can't remember what it entailed now.

    As has already been said the land of the brave & the hole of the free isn't neccessarily the home of good taste. But who are we to argue they have enoughnukes & attitude to bomb us back to the stone age. Anything they do is A OK by me.

    Got any gum chum?


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