Radius arm shrouds


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    [b]earlycar wrote: [/b] “My 59 has the blue shrouds – same as the ones on the 60 i had.

    Can be seen in the very early parts lists.”
    Any idea whenthey changed to the more commontype – any change points mentioned in the parts book? Can't find my early parts manual :X

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    [b]Mk 3 S Meister wrote: [/b] “They stopped fitting them on UK built cars in late 1967 or early 1968 – shortly after the Mk 2 was introduced.”
    That would be around October 1967, which is at least confirmed by my December 1967 Mk II Cooper as itdoes/did not have them.

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    I don't have fitted them either. The reason: as we say in Dutch [font='comic sans ms'][color=red][size=3]erg roestgevoelig [color=black][size=2](terrible rust-sensitive)…[/size][/color][/size][/color][/font]

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    [font='Comic Sans MS'][color=#ff0000][size=3]erg roestgevoelig [/size][/color][size=2][color=black](terrible rust-sensitive)…We have all learnt a new mini phrase there!!:DI fear it will become a popular one.[/color][/size][/font]

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    I took a pair of shrouds the same as the blue ones off an early'60 built car. As far as I could see they were original.

    I seem to remember someone on another forum restoring a '59 that had that style of shroud.

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    My Mk1 early '65 Cooper does not have it's radius arm shrouds. I'm sure they probably rotted away years ago and were not replaced when it was last restored.

    What year did minis cease to have these shrouds fitted?

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