Period Spotlamps


  1. Any advice on period spotlamps that I could or should fit to my MK1 S…….

    What would be an acceptable period accessory and where doI find them, or in fitting somedo you thinkI am being unwise?

    Any opinion/advice?


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    If you went to your BMC dealer the options were Lucas, Britax – Notek, BMC Butlers and Wipac. You should be able to find som at most autojumbles or on Bay.

    You're a rare man – someone planning to drive his S in the dark! Most people don't venture out in theirs after October or before April.

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    Thanks, what would be a correct configuration two or three lamps, also would a lamp bar be correct?

    I've seen some lamps on the holden site, Lucas but the sizes i am unsure of – are these correct (ish)?

    Thanks again – and yes the lamps are for next years summer evenings- so not that brave after all maybe.

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    It depends what sort of look you are after. Most lights are 5' or 7' (7' being the same size as headlights).

    The rules have changed about combinations and height of lights so you might need to check out what you can do to be legal.

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    As Meister says it depends on what you want. Unless you're after the 'Works' look with lots of lamps on a bar I think the neatest is probably the 'Benelite' type grille with the lights recessed into it. I think these have now been remade, I saw one on a recent visit to Mini Spares place at Oldbury W.Mids. IF I was planning to fit lights to mine I could be tempted by this as it looks a lot less cluttered….

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