Cooper engine ?????


  1. Hi guys, I have an engine here with a strange engine number, SH693.

    It is stamped into the block where the usual engine tag is. There doesnt seem to have had a tag there before. I think the number is the only one thats been there. The motor has a 12g202 head and a 22g1128 remote box, also there is no fuel pump mount, so must be electric. The oil gauge outlet is really small, possibly 1/8 inch. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance, Colin

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    Sounds as if you have a small bore engine with a 4 synchro gearbox. Is there a number cast in to the back of the block such as 12A 497?

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    Actually. I think I may have figured it out !! It is still in the car, but today I took the head off, and put a vernier over it. Has the following—-



    Exhaust valve–1.03 approx

    Inlet—1.178 approx

    Those numbers are pretty much 1098cc. Its just that the numberwas something I havent seen before. So I am sure it must be that size engine, anyway cheers for the replies guys !!!!! regards Colin

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