12g333 stripdown


  1. i have a 12g333 box with special tuning straight cut gears in. the problem i have is that the first motion shaft gear is larger than the hole to remove it. i have carefully removed the first motion shaft bearing and the main shaft bearing but cant get the gear set out. any help very much appreciated cheers josh

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    Having straight cut gears in a 3-sychro box gives this problem. You will need to fiddle a bit to getthe lotout from the central area. It will help if you remove the detend plugs and springs at the back of the casing (two 9/16 screws) to ease moving the mainshaft with the gears around. Try to lift the mainshaft and 1st motion/4th gear such that they rise in the middle, while keeping the other ends down. Try to keep the small bearing between the mainshaft and the 1st motion inside the 1st motion gear. You will be able to get them out, but only just. Take your time and be patient -it can be done;)

    You may also try tountighten the 1/2 and 3/4 selector forks and removing the corresponding selector rods to make some more room below the mainshaft/gears (the 1/2 fork can then also be removed from the hole where the diff sits). Untightningthe 3/4th selector fork with all the gears in place is however a bit difficult without proper tooling…

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    Mini4ever makes it sound Oh so easy.

    It can be done, but I bet you invent a few new swear words before you have done 🙂

    As with all jobs it gets easier the more times you do it.


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