Cooper seat foams


  1. imported post

    Well, rightly or wrongly, I put the D shaped foam pieces in when I put the NC seat covers on for the S Type. They do look good and also surprisinglyoffer someleg support.

    It is well worth buying the new padding kits from NC when getting the covers.

    I can let you see a picture of the seats so you can make you own mind up if you like James.

  2. I have wondered about this for ages;

    Do cooper seat foams have the extra 'D' shaped foam piece on the top of the main foam for the base part where you sit?

    The extra foam is to fill out the 'D' shaped part on the front of an 850 mini seat,and since the cooper seats were not sewn like this i thought perhaps they were not used,as i have seen some original cooper seats that look very flat on the base.

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