colour of cooper s wheels


  1. Does anyone know what colour the s wheels are painted from the factory.

    It has been sugested old english white, But I have seen old wheels still in there original state and they look more creamy.

    Any suggestions thanks

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    Presume this will be along similar lines to the 'which silver for wheels?' question. That is, wheels painted by suppliers so anything reasonably close they were using at the time!

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    that is possibly true, but Old English White has to be the best way forward, though don't forget there were certainly two distinct shades of that during production! Also, if you're going by photographic evidence remember that the camera DOES lie and the same item could look different colours if photographed with two different cameras – or even the same camera on different days of with a different film:?.

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    this is a question i,ve also thought about recently. Ive just sprayed four 3.5 S rims in OEW ICI CODE 2379/BMC WT3, this i believe to be the ivory version of OEW. The fifth rim i have is a unused spare wheel that i brought some 25 years ago with only storage scratches and little paint fade. Maybe i was duped all those years ago by a dodgy trader, but for 5 quidi dont care, it was worth taking the chance. Placing the newly painted OEW next to the old wheel the difference was noticeable straight away, the original wheel was more creamy/yellow. Maybe the wheels were painted at the dunlop factory with their own OEWblend?any thoughts, cheers Tim

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    I have had the 2 OEW paints mixed from the Spies Hecker codes the cleaner one is 61-64 and the creamier one is 64-67.

    I think the creamier one is certainly creamy enough,remember white does yellow a lot with age/heat/brake dust UV etc.If you got an original wheel with 40 yr old paint on it ,and gave it a good rub with rubbing compound,it would probably clean up quite a bit.

    And finally,can you see the boys at tight-ass BMC saying 'I think the wheels look too white in the same colour that we used for the roof,lets mix up a special paint just a nat's willy creamier' ?

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    [b]ka2s4 wrote: [/b] “Yes it was taken under fluoresent light,

    And if they were painted by Dunlop i guess they could be any colour:?”

    Looks much better on monitor at home anyway.:)

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    I think tim64 is right – the wheels are creamier than the roof. I had a 66 car with an original OEW roof and nearly unused 3.5' spare in the boot – the wheel was way creamier.

    I don't think the wheels would have been painted by Dunlop – the NOS wheels from the 60's I have seen were a purply brown primer colour, which Iguess BMC painted over.

    A friend reseached this years ago and came up with a (possibly BMC) name of Country (or County)Cream. It's a long shot but there is a County Cream in the BS4800 range which has the code of 08C31 and looks about right. If someone had an unused wheel they could compare it with a paint swatch.

    In Australia they painted the wheels the same silver as they painted the ignition switch panel – I know the Coopers have a grey paint there, but don't standard Minisand Elfs have a creamy white one?

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    [b]graeme1293 wrote: [/b] ”
    I don't think the wheels would have been painted by Dunlop – the NOS wheels from the 60's I have seen were a purply brown primer colour, which Iguess BMC painted over.

    They were painted at Dunlops. You can see painted steel rims on these 'recent'pics of the defunct factory, pretty much as they did in the 60's.


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    An easy way to get an original looking colour on early wheels is to go to your paint supplier & simply ask for the same colour paint as folks paint Land Rover wheels. Most paint shops have a colour like this. As has already been stated the original colour is way creamier than OEW.


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