Sunvisors and mirror


  1. My 970S was built approx 40 body numbers before the change to crushable side mounted sunvisors,and the plastic r v mirror.

    All the 1960s photos of the car clearly show it having the later white mirror,and one photo shows it with the swingable sunvisors.

    However the original 'shell i have has holes for the late sunvisors,and also the threaded holes for the early card type.

    Obviously the mirror screws into the same holes either way,but could the factory have fitted these later sunviors,and just left the threaded holes for the old type?

    Has anyone got a similar car?

    The quoted body number is 31484.


  2. imported post

    Are the holes for the visor fitted official looking, of could they have been fitted by a previous owner. The later type break off a lot more easily, so someone COUL:D Have swapped back to the simpler earlier type.

    No answer to your question I'm afraid, but just an idea.


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