Cooper S Spare tyre and boot brackets


  1. Mk1s 's where suppied standard with 3.5j wheels.

    4.5js where avalible as an option.

    If these wheels where and option would only the 4 road wheels (not spare) be changed?

    If the spare was a 4.5j the boot board would not sit correctly on/in its brackets.

    Please help me decide whether to have 4.5j road wheels with

    a 4.5j spare wheel with std brackets

    a 4.5j spare wheel with taller brackets so the board fits but not origional

    a 3.5j spare wheel with standard brackets with a boot board that fits on origional type brackets but the spare is a differnt size to the others.


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    As far as I know, all 5 wheels would have the same size and the boot board brackets would be in the same place. Only recently, I found that there are two different spare wheel clamps, one with a shorter and one with a somewhat longer bolt. I guess the one with the longer bolt is for 4.5' wheels.

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    I've used taller brackets (available from Mini Machine) so I can use a 4.5' S rim with a 165/70 tyre as a spare.

    I think the boot board for a twin tank car might not fit when using taller brackets as it could be slightly too wide due to the R/H tank tapering inwards at that point. I'm making a narrower one (only 1/2' or so) and will get it covered.

    One other point is that the bolt in spare wheel clamp will not reach theboot floorto clamp the wheel down.Think I'll have to take the bolt out and try to finda similar looking but longer bolt. :X

    PS – I see that Mini4ever has answered my question.Anyone got a good spare wheel clamp with a long bolt ? 😀

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    From my experience using std brackets and twin tanks, a bootboard will JUST fit over a 4 1/2 S rim with 165 tyre, the board actually sitting above the forward brackets and on top of the wheel.It's a tight squeeze though. Very interesting question though as I'm not too sure this would have been acceptable as a factory solution, though I've not tried this using a 145 tyre?

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    And where do you think you would you have bought a 165 tyre in the 1960's?

    A mat rather than bootboard was specified for some tyre configuartions.

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    I agree. When I needed an S tyre in 1970 (in Portsmouth) I was ony offered a 145 (Michelin X). There was also a fabric radial on offer but they wouldn't allow me to mix one with the rest of the Michys – probably good advice which I didn't appreciate at the time because of the price difference. No 165s in sight.

    In the late 80s a friend bought a Mk I S which had been purchased in the UK and shipped to the US. It came with the original invoice which specified 4.5 rims. The spare matched but I can't remember if the invoice listed 4 or 5 wheels.

    My 63 S has its original boot board (single tank) and it won't cover a 165 tyre. A 4.5 rim with 145 tyre fits fine though.

    just some observations…..

    Cheers, Ian

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    Yes, both my current and previous 'S' had 5 x 41/2' rims. These were fitted of course with 145/10 tyres as were the 31/2' rims. I'm not aware that different boot board brackets would have been fitted depending on wheel option and surely it wouldn't have been neccesary as both wheel sizes carried the same tyre?

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    I've had 4 1/2' minilites on my Mark II S since I bought it in 1983 and It has been on Yokohama 165/70 tyres for over 10 years.

    It has the original boot board brackets and fits OK (ish!)

    As mentioned by someone else the board tends to sit on the wheel/tyre rather than rest on the rubber buffers but it looks fine.

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    have decided to eventually put the works replica minilites made by minilife on mine when its done and decided to go for the taller brackets as mini is only a replica/toy!

    have not had time to weld them in yet but m-machine parts seem very good.

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