The Life Of Issigonis Discussed On Radio 4's Great Lives


  1. That radio interview biographical series that I mentioned in a different thread (posted this here so I don't get told off for hijacking) is definitely worth tuning in for and it's being repeated this Friday 31/8/07 at 11pm. Then you'll hear the thoughts of Dr Alex Moulton and the Earl of Snowdon (Lord Snowdon) whilst they [b]'discuss the life of the idiosyncratic designer of the Mini, Sir Alec Issigonis'.[/b]

    Okay most of the questions are the usual fair all except one which I don't think has ever been asked before? 😯

    Plus a certain sketch from Fawlty Towers comes to mind at one stage of the interview and it's also interesting to hear what they'd believe Issigonis would think of the BINI and BMW owning the name today.



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    I managed to record it all on an ancient stereo radio casette or ghetto blaster as they used to be called (don't ask).

    It sounds okay except you can hear the motor or mechanism humming though.

    Let me know if you want a copy when you get back and have a good holiday.


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    I just tried to record the program but my recorder has died on me. We are off to Spain now for a week . :cool:If any kind soul can tape or cd it for me I would be most grateful. cash re-embursement or a MK1 handbook or whatever in return? Steve.

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