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  1. Hello I need some help and advice . I have a chap set up to try and make a dash similar to the one in the attached file but I don't know if there is a difference in the arc radiusacross the windscreenfrom a a Mk1 to the later rover minis . I don't want him to make it and find out it does not fit . Its simlar to the Riley Elf but we don't want access to the parcel shelf in front of the driver as we want to fit instruments . The Pic is of our mk1 cooper and the new dashwill be for our mk1 S . Can any one advise . Regards Bruce

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    Thanks folks for the reply . However the pics you supplied show the section joining the speedo dash section to either side is via a small flat wedge dash part . The one in my pic shows either side joins to the speedo section via a curved wooden edge – Is that still a Rockee dash ? what about the lack of a flap on the drivers side – was that standard Rockee? Please advise Thanks Bruce

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    Someone else is bound to know more, but I think the dash pictured is a 'Rokee' (spelling uncertain) which was a popular accessory in years gone by – as you say similar to that fitted to the Elf.

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    You are spot on. [url]http://www.mk1-performance-conversions.co.uk/images/autorama_24.jpg[/url]

    As for width of the dash, ill stick my neck out that MK1 – Rover mini remained the same. Obviously just the dash crossmember changed.

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    Definitely a Rokee,I bought one new from matey boy who owned the mini spares shop near Putney Bridge in the heady 80's (1985 to be exact),fitted it to my first car/mini a 'H' plate tartan red 1000.The two side parts adjoining the centre piece were radiused.
    Now they were the days to be into mini's ….

    Droid 😎

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    Midland Mini Centre list Rokee walnut dashboards in their catalogue but there are no pics.:(Link for contacts:


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    Hello All – Just struck gold dust !!! A man who makes special Rokee type dash boards to order – a choice of wood , flap access and all for £200 approx see the pics and get in the queue – Approx 6 weeks delivery from order placement – talk to him first

    Steve Downs [stevedowns@retrodash.co.uk]


    Regards Bruce

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