Smith Counter + Electronic Ignotor = ?


  1. I have an impulse type rev counter for my Cooper that I would like to combine with either an Aldon electronic ignitor unit or an 123 ignition system. I read on the very nice [url=]website[/url] of mk1 that the Smith rev counter wouldn't last long with 'modern' electronic ignition systems. Does anybody have experience with fitting an Aldon or 123 electronic ignition system together with the old-style smith rev counter? Are the Aldon/123 type of electronic ignition systems 'modern' enough to distroy the rev counter or is this a safe combination?

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    Thanks for that. I think I have the later type. It has three terminals on the back and the number on the face is RPI 1000/00. Guess it will be safe then 🙂

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    I use an Aldon Yellow with a Piranah ignition and 70s Smiths tacho – it still works. i would have thought that these ignitions only switch the coil. So, provided you use a normal type coil, (I do) the tacho wouldn't care as that's where it gets its feed from.

    Cheers, Ian

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    If its an INDUCTION LOOP smiths tacho, the one with the white loop of wire on the back of the instrument then it WILL blow up in about 5 seconds of use, if it is the later 3 plugged type triggered from the CB terminal of the coil it will be OK.

    The early induction type will blow when using practically ANY type of electronic ignition set up.

    Very good article on the subject of smiths tachos here



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