HELP!! cooper s ??


  1. hi all firstly hello

    i have just purchased a mk1 cooper s or so i think! it is in boxes at the moment

    the cars reg documents say it is a 998 mini cooper 1965 first registered 21 june 1965

    gaden say that the chassis number (which has no letters at all) relates to a 1275 cooper s built in 1966 or is the nearest to that year with that chassis number.over a year after the car was registered

    so in short i have a car that i am told is an 1275cooper s from 1966 and has documents saying its a 65 cooper 1965.

    i have no other numbers as the cars body has had front end repairm what can i do to prove either way

    hope i was clear


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    Where did you get the chassis number from ?

    If you send a letter off to DVLA with a cheque for £5 you can ask them for all the previous copies of the logbook which will then give you the original complete chassis number for that car. After so many years it's very likely the chassis number on the logbook has been copied incorrecly.

    You say the car's in boxes, have you got a body shell ?

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    The chassis number should have letters in it not just numbers. an engine number should help to identify the engine size etc.

    a good source of information would be john Parnell's book

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    there is no engine in the car and no other numbers,i do have a bodyshell yes.

    its just all very confusing. i am due to pick the car up on sunday and dont know what im buying now lol

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    Send your letter off to DVLA in that case to get the original chassis number as it's obviously been gone wonky on the logbook over the years, having no prefix letters at the start of it.

    Does the car have twin tanks ?

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    Maybe the Mk3 S Meister can help based on the FE number that should be on the LH inner wing (above where the radiator sits)?

    If the FE number is missing as well, maybe it is good to post some pictures of the floor (gear lever holes) and boot (showingall fixing brackets if any) as these could be of use to determine whether the shell is from a standard car or a Cooper (and if these holes are genuine). A Cooper and S should have a blanking plate screwed onto the hole where other Minis have the gear lever go through. Cooper and S had remote gear levers that go straight downwards into the floor. Cooper and S also had several brackets in the boot to hold up the boot board. Determining whether it is an S shell instead of a Cooper shell for a car as early as 1965 could be difficult if it didn't yet have the optional twin tanks (they only became standard during 1966) considering also the front damage repairs. To determine whether it is 1965 or 1966, you should check how the sun visors are mounted. If there is a small square hole in the cant rail above each door, then the shell is probably from 1965 (or late 1964) and not 1966.

    Are there any items in those boxes related to the brake system? Cooper had 7' and Cooper S had 7.5' hubs/discs/calipers and the Cooper S also had a remote brake servo and taller master brake cylinder compared to Cooper or other Mini or the clutch master cylinder.

    Notice also that many electrical parts and in fact also all glass is dated. So, that could also be helpful to determine whether it is more likely to be 1965 or 1966.

    Hope this helps somewhat if you go and look at the car on Sunday.

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    well thank you all i will go on sunday and have the car anyway and i shall take some decent photos for you all. at 1300 pounds i think its a good punt to take as long as all the right signs are there.

    will let you all know how it goes

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    well i have the car in all its glorius peices lol

    there is no doubt it is a cooper s it has everything it should have and i cant wait to crack on with it,the pevious owner has sold the exspensive parts ie engine,disks speedo but hey the shell is there and its not too bad.

    now all ive got to do is sort out y it was registyered a year before it was built, the dvla best be awake cus i will get to the bottom of it.

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    In the good old days you could change thebodyshell and keep the same registration number. If you get a copy of the old style log book as has already been suggested it might show a change taking place.

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