Crankshaft End Float


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    I am led to believe that there is also +0.005's

    I'm going to try some new +0.003's as I suspect my old ones are slightly worn !

    Alternatively I could find some +0.015's (some hope!) and machine them down !


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    Think that 0.005' is still acceptable for normal/fast road use (it is the limit according to one of my books) as long as you don't hold down the clutch all the time when you are waiting at trafiic lights (a bad thing for any Mini engine). I would start only to worry if you intend to do more serious rallying or racing…

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    Anything other than std and 0.003'thrusts are difficult to come by.

    When my Dad rebuilt an S engine a couple of years ago, the chap who ground the crank had to get some oversize thrustsfora different engine and machine them down to fit as the correct (0.015 or 0.030, can't remember which) thrusts were unobtainable.

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    30 thou thrusts have been like rocking hors poo for a few years now, I have soldered brass shim onto standard ones before now and machined them to size. A lot of buggering about but it works a treat.


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    Well, did you know that Midget 1500 crank thrusts are still available? They are exactly the same size as the ones I took out and come in sizes, amongst others -+.005' !! I must admit that they were not 100% flat but after some judicial work that was sorted. I now have my .003' end float !! (BTW, I also think there are other options available – try Moss) I have the part number on the packet if interested (but not to hand!)

    Cheers, Matt

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