Import Duty!!!


  1. [font='comic sans ms']Received some std flat top pistons from NZ(outside the EU)last week, but the PO would not release them until duty was paid !! £28 later I had them in my hands. The moral of the story is to get the sender to put a value of less than £36 on the declaration stating that the goodsare a gift and then they will not be eligable for tax. As I'm sure that nobody here will be bringing anything more than £36 into the country.:cool:[/font]

    [font='comic sans ms']Gray[/font]

  2. imported post

    Hi Gray,

    Undervaluing is common when impoting old car parts and it works well until something goes missing. It is difficult to claim say 100 pound when the declared value was 36 pounds!


  3. imported post

    I was in our local sorting office this morning and notice anything added by customs then adds an 8 pound handling fee from Royal Mail for collection.

  4. imported post

    Ive been hammered several times, most notably from the US. You can get a reduced fee by saying the parts are pre 1950 i believe (check though).

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