sample brocade to copy andreduce for a 1/24th. scale model!


  1. I had a '62, cooper with gold brocade seats. I would like to build a tamiya model of it! have been seeking a sample about 1 square foot in size to have a pattern to print a decal for the seats. I would return the sample or pay a reasonable amcunt for it. I also have a dumb question, my car was a 997 cooper registered as a 1962 sold in frence! i bought it in 1964 here in chicago. the car was light gray blue , imtrying to find out ifit was speedwell blue or smoke gray? does anybody have an opinion? thanks for the help!!!

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    Hi, would have thought it would be Smoke Grey. I don't think Speedwell Blue was ever a Cooper colour (but I stand to be corrected:D).

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    Look at that! the gold actually registers with the dents in the vinyl.
    Can't be a newton one:D

    Before i saw the newton stuff,i thought they put the gold on and embossed it at the same time.But they obviously have the vinyl made with the dents in it and then print the gold colour onto it.

    I have a friend who is a printer and he would probably get the sack for stuff that didn't register like that!:X


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    I too would say smoke grey by 1962. I've never seen a speedwell blue Cooper. Another bit of trivia – according to my BMC colour book, speedwell blue was only used on Austin Minis and not Morris variants.

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    thank's for the info, and the offer of the pocket liners, but about $60.00 plus shipping is a bit too dear for this project. the photo however is vary clear although maybe not enough to copy and repeat to create a larger area. another part of the question, what is the approx, size of the shapes from corner to corner? just a note, i use the computers at my local library and we have access only two hours a day. so it might be several days between contact. thanks! bob.

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    Ill take some photos of mine if youre interested, its a red/gold/grey interior from a 66. Ill take some tomorrow morning on my day off.


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    thanks for the offer, if you can please take in as mini (many,) diamonds as you can. itwould be better when we try to match the diamonds to enlarge the area in order to create enough size to cover the door cards, seats, etc.! uncle james ptovided the size, if all this works it will help give me the last part to a nearly 20yr. project!!! im keeping lots of body parts crossed. talk to all of you soon. bob.

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    I have just been trying to do a photoshop jigsaw of the picture refered to above. Unfortunately it has been photographed, not scanned making the colour and the pattern distorted and totally unsuitable for building up.

    If someone can scan a piece of grey brocade material it will be easy to build up a virtual piece to do this.


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