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  1. Or as the Americans say, vintage speed. We ve skirted around it a bit with petes mk1 's', but what do people like?

    What makes a car – Tons of the stuff or a few choice bits?

    The number of hours ive spent on the MK1 conversions site at work is probably verging on criminal!

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    I just found this site whilst searching for Les Leston bits.
    The interiors of their cars are amazing…..i dont know what the aftermarket dash's are, but i want one!


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    Sorryto hear I could be responsible for someone else loosing their job soon 🙂

    Glad you like the site though, remember the stuff on the siteonly scratches the surface of what was offered in the Hey Day of the mIni though.

    Personally I am still a huge fan of the 'Traditional' well modified head, twin H4 SUs, a cam and a decent exhaust, as you can probably tell from the site I am a bit of a Downton officionado.

    There was loads of tuning equipmentmade that never worked and a lot of the stuff that did work but was only made in tiny numbers cos it was too expensive to produce. The best example of this is the Alexander 7 port head. Originally designed for the Frogeye Sprite, it worked fantastically well on small bore A series engines, then 'bloody' BMC brought out the big bore S engine and of the 100 heads that Alexander cast up they only evey sold a handful. I have brought 6 of these back to life now, and a lovely bit of kit they are too.

    Mark (MK1-Performance-Conversions.co.uk)

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