Original Magnesium minilite alloys


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    The last set of mags I had were blasted and powder coated ( :shock:)which was an absolute disaster. Do not attempt to coat them as air will escape from the alloy into the coating and cause bubbles . By the same token you'll have to be careful how and what you paint them with as wet paint doesn't always stay on either ! 😕

    As Mark says not worth the aggro just to 'keep in period'.

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    A friend showed me an original magnesium minilite style wheel yesterday,it had a deepish groove near the edge,where the weights would go on a steel rim.
    I can't remember seeing this on other wheels,is yours the same?

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    Original Mag Minilites came in many guises. Trying to identify one by having a groove or not having a groove, having a cut edge or not, having a bead or not and having 101 other machining peculiarities IS NOT a reliable way of identifying 'Original' Mag Minilites. All these features were put in or not put in at different times over the original companies life, for different customers specific requirements.

    As to value, these are all over the place, and it is almost completely dependant on condition. If they are TOTALLY uncorroded, then they can be worth as much as £100 each, down to about £10 each or lessfor badly corroded ones.

    PERSONALLY speaking, I don't see the point of running on 50 year old magnesium wheels, you are just asking for one to collapse on you, the fact is with Magnesiums they do start to crystalise after many years use, and unlike corrosion this can only be identified by crack testing or X-raying. Why spend thousands of pounds on a rebuild only tosmash it upbecause one of your antique wheels expires with little or no notice.

    My personal favourites are the Minispares Minilife (minilite) copies. Still better than the 'Genuine' ones made by the resurected Tech Del IMO.


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    Thanks for your response, especially regarding the crystalliation problems and possible collapse.

    I have a set of 4.5 inch steel wheels, which I think will suit better.

    Will have the alloys refurbished and keep for another day!

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    Mag wheels can be most amusing and very dangerous. I ran a '65 Marcos GT on original mags for several years and watching tyre fitters almost throw them through the roof while taking them off the machine was always amusing. However mine had been reclaimed by the fitting of steel sleeves in the mounting holes and crack tested OK but soon started with further corrosion at the steel/mag joint. The wheelswere quickly removed from the car when it was noted one of the sleeves had moved slightly, didn't fancy the idea of the other three doing similar and watching the wheel overtake me!

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