crankshaft number


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    If it is a Mini crank, then the EN40B would suggest Cooper S. The other number puzzles me too. Ain't there a number like AEG and than 3 digits?

    AEG 330 = 970S
    AEG 171 = 1071S
    AEG 315 = 1275S
    AEG 480 = 1275S

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    This was what I was interested in …


    Got a feeling it's a 1275 one.I was too late to get the seller to measure the stroke.Those big end journals seems rather small as well …


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    Was looking at that one too but the big ends are -60 thou and then you probably still need to have it grinded. Not sure but I thought that 60 thou is the max for which you can get bearings…

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