The Vizard Mini at Beaulieu – the real thing?


  1. Did anybody see the red Vizard race Mini (HBC551D) at Beaulieu? Is is the original or a crafty replica? And who owns it?


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    Afraid not, needed a handy cling film dispenser attachment for the downdraught's thou!!:DJust had a look at the old bible bp (before parnell) the Vizard version had a removable front end which this one appears to lack or is cleverly concealed.


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    Hi Fred, thanks for the update, keep us informed and if you get a chance a few more pictures, When I saw your car at beaulieu it was one of the few cars to stop me in my tracks. Having read Vizards book through every few months :)in the 80's it was great to see it. Good luck with the work and as you said I would not of bothered deseaming if it had gone to paint already. Gray

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    Hi there guys,

    I am the owner of the car! Im 25 and from croydon. I know the car was supposed to be de seamed but i inherited the car in its later stages and the paintwork was all done so that takes care of that and the removable front im affraid.

    I am in touch with vizard via e mail and the original car also had a complicated beam axle suspension set up designed by him and Don Loughlin aldon's suspension man.

    Its just money i would love to do it all but the project is still on going and i have had two plugs made for the carbs which look really good. The suspension is also being done with kad and ian curley parts going on and all solid mounted with stainless spacersand spherical jointed it all takes time too and hard work!

    The removable front has been talked about so you never know! But even Vizard has only got 12 pictures in total of the original car but it was ever changing so we have tried to stick to a few pictures and go from them. The original car is no longer though he just used it till it run itself into destruction and threw it away it was just a toy for him.

    So I am trying my best and hopefully you see it this june and you can have a look at the work that has been done and maybe we can meet for a chat.

    Its nice to see people taking an interest in the car thankyou it pushes me on and also makes it worth while to have a look at the ideas you have for the car and try and put them on the car.

    kindest regards

    Fred Dyer

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    Hi Fred, I spoke to David Vizard at Mini meet east last year and told him that I had seen a replica of his car at Beaulieu. He was quite interested, perhaps he didn't realise how far you had got with it. I wish I had had my pictures with me.

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    Hi radfordman, what a shame? i am in contact with him via email and have sent him some messages and photo's maybe i should send him some more!

    Ah i cant beleive i missed him in the uk aswell:(I first met him when the project first started at the mini 40th at silverstone and no one seemed to know who he was he done a speech for around 15 min but to only 10 people most was not interested which is a huge disrespect to his knowledge that he had to share. He has helped me out by sending me the few photo's he did have of the car.

    If you know he is at any meets in your area again can you contact me please i would love to meet him again!

    Thanks for the message

    Kindest Regards


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    Set of Vizard style wheels for sale here:
    'Very rare mini cooper wheels as on david vizard's mini'
    Item number: 300278218867

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    A starting bid of £300 seems like the vendor knows who he is aiming for. Perhaps a little steep, as they do require checking for straightness and polishing.

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    I had a set of those wheels a few years ago and despite them being very light had trouble getting rid of them – probably got £25 for them tops – how times have changed.

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    They are McNally wheels. I think the same guy who owns the rights to all the catering at the F1 events. One of the Bernie/Mosley crowd but without the whips.

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    Four years ago at Beaulieu there was another vizard replica owned by a MCR member Dave ( Pegram I think) it also had the correct wheels on. What happend to this car ? does anybody know.:?

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