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    He's a shocking prat isn't he? He's such a terrible liar that I concluded years ago that's he's mentally ill – he really can't help himself.

    I recall him ringing me once about something or other and calling himself Dr Trevor Jones and speaking in the most ridiculous 'put on' accent. It was all I could do to stop myself p*ss*ng myself laughing. The guy's an idiot.:D

  2. One of the most legendary fakers of all things early mini is up to his old tricks again!

    I won't trot the entire story out here, but please feel free to read, have a laugh and hopefully learn something of use by following the link below.

    [url=][color=#000099]MK1 PC Re Fakes[/color][/url]

    Mark F

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    Oh deary me, he's a slow learner.

    Good tip ..if you're going to sell fakes, whether it be cars , badges or documents like thesesell 'em to those who don't know the difference ! Doubt he'll give a toss thoughfrom the luxury of his underground bunker he now has to live in ! (Shares it with Salmon Rushtie ) . Can't he get himself a proper job ? 😛

    As my old gran used to say.. [b]Lies Always Tell[/b] !

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    My thought entirely 🙂

    I have lost my cash and have been reminded of a great lesson re both ebay and life, but anything I can do to blacken his name further and expose the lying, cheating, forging scumbag for the piece of pond life he is; is time well spent as far as I am concerned.

    Anyone who wants his current address, please feel free to contact me. Even I'm not bitter enough to post it here 🙂


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    I take itthe Downton Touring Conversion sheets you recently off-loaded on GreedyBay were the real-deal Mark….and not from this particular source…?

    ('cos I bought 'em!)

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