Cleaning up my seatbelts


  1. Unfortunately I have a pair of seatbelts in my latest Super ( have to remember to put the damned thing on !) Anyway they are Britax ones and the webbing is grey, but very dirty. What's the best way to clean them up ? I would ideally like to remove them, but there are now holes in the carpet for the fixing parts, so I am going to have to keep the wretched things installed.

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    I find Autoglym interior shampoo really pretty amazing on most things.

    Try spraying it on the webbing and wipe vigorouslywith a sponge.

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    I bought a can of that today for my seats and it worked a treat…….I'll tackle those belts with it too. Thank you for the advice.

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    If that doesn't work take them out stick the whole lot in a pillow case and put it through the washing machine with a load of clothes. It works BRILLIANTLY.

    Does make a bit of a racket though.


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