Control box positions – sorry to bring it up again!


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    Hi guys,

    I agree on the square holes and I possibly have the MCR issue if it appeared last year. You are welcome to borrow my magazines James.



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    It was March 2005's issue – how time flies:shock:

    Got the copy by the PC now so if you want me to scan it on, let me know James


  3. Greetings All,

    Parnell's book has no photo of where the control box should be on a dry S.
    He says it is flat on the bulkhead crossmember,with the connectors facing the carbs.
    does this mean that it is on top of the subframe mounts?
    (See pic)

    Also,are the square holes,with their round pressings still present on an S on the inner wing in front of the bulkhead stiffener?as per mini 850 and cooper?even though they are unused?

    Thanks in advance:cool:

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    Hi James,

    You've got the regulator in pretty much the correct position. This is how I've positioned it on my replica.

    There was a picture a year or so ago in the MCR mag from John Kelly of a 1071 with the original holes drilled in the bulkhead to take the regulator. If you want I'll try to find it, scan it and post it up?

    I think the original regulator holes are still in the inner wing. Might pay to check with Al on that one.


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    Thanks Andrew,a scan of that pic would be great.

    And thanks Al too:D

    As some of you know,my 970 S has had a front put on it off an
    850 mini,there are a few things about it that are strange,and i wonder if it is quite an early front.

    The holes for the control box are quite low,and the 4 holes that i never knew the reason for( apparently an early heater)thanks Simon,are only 2,and are low.
    also there is no hole for the fresh air tube
    i have never seen this before.

    i will also post one of my white 850 with the holes in the usual positions,for reference.


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    I would have expected it to look like the picture of the white car. I think the other inner wing may well be off an earlier car with two holes vertical holes being for the washer bottle bracket?

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    [b]ka2s4 wrote: [/b] “Thanks Andrew,a scan of that pic would be great.


    PM me with your email address and I'll email you the page from the mag – file too big to load on here?

    I havce a book that states that the Fresh air heater was first offered as an option in August 1961. I'm pretty sure that my Oct 60 saloon has the regulator mounted in the normal position and does not have the washer bottle holes. Will check later and post my findings!


    Just had a look and my 850 has the washer bottle in that position on the inner wing and also the lower placed regulator. The bulkhead crossmember must be correct on your car though as it has the large centre holes to take the displacer hoses. The early crossmembers have much smaller centre holes. It therefore seems odd that the hole is not there for the airhose?

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    Hi Andrew,

    The bulkhead crossmember is part of the new(early) front,
    but it can't have been cos it has big hydro holes,

    The cooper S is dry,so not from that either,unless it was a wet shell,as it was built during wet/dry changeover.

    the plot thickens,

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