Cleaning Gold Brocade


  1. I've just bought a reasonable set of gold brocade trim, but its a bit grubby. I'm trying to decide what I should use to clean it, but I'm a bit scared! Anyone got any good ideas? Any tales of woe from using the wrong stuff?

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    I've heard of people using thinners, or was that just for the headlining?

    Obviously you don't want to clean off the gold brocade, because it won't be much fun having to paint it all back in with a fine paint brush. 😉

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    Thinners….. eeek!! 😯

    I'm scared to to anythingmore than asking the dirt nicelyif it would mind coming off!!

    I could always paint the gold back with some 'harvest gold' paint….. I know someone who might have a tin left over!!:D

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    If you wash the trim with thinners then the GOLD BROCADE WILL COME OFF!

    I have managed to get really good results using surface cleaners like stardrops, Mr Muscle or similar.

    Rub it over the panel neat and allow to soak for as long as you can. At least an hour or two, re apply and give it a good rub. then rinse off with loads of clean water. Making sure you don't get too much onto the hardboard backing.

    You can use thinners for small areas where the stains are organic, oil, chewing gum etc. But I would strongly reccommend that you steer clear as much as possible.

    Hope this helps,


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    Well, I did it in the end. I can confirm that kitchen surface cleaner seems to be pretty effective. I also used some Autoglym Hi-Foam interior shampoo, which was also very good. Used a soft bristle nail brush on the wort areas.

    To be honest, the trim was so dirty, warm soapy water would probably have done the trick, but I can confirm that neither of the above chemicals take the gold off! Not got a lot of gold left on the rear pacel shelf anyway… I guess its the worst bit to fade in the sun.

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    Took me about 3-4 hours but well worth the time – looks great now. The pens that I used Gray got for me as he used them on his brocade trim but they are no longer produced – typical!!!

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    Thanks for the tip chaps. Worth a go I think…

    Was this similar to the pen you used?


    Is an extra fine nib the best do you think?

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    The ones we used are Uni-ball Signo UMN-152 Fine. It's a gel pen.

    There's quite a few different makes and various shades of gold. Might be worth going into a stationers with a bit of white card and testing them until you find a colour as close to the original gold as possible or that you like:D.

    Fine nib would be best as some of the brocade is quite finely marked

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    Ahh so Uni-Ball implies its a roller ball pen then…? I assumed it would be a felt tip?

    Was it this one by any chance?


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    Looks similar. The aforementioned one was a retractable ball pen but I've got other Uni-Ball ones like theone you have found that is not retractable. The nib is 0.7mm.

    Trouble is the colourdiffers between the model numbers within the Uni-Ball range:?Hence why it might be best to visit a stationers and try for yourself.

    When Gray and I were trying to get some more of the Uni-Bal UMN-152 I bought several other makes/models and they were all different. Some were OK colourwise but it's not a good idea to mix them. The brocade material also seems to wreck the ball of the pen very quickly. I used three pens on the rear shelf. None of them run out of ink but they would not work after a while!!

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    Thanks for that,a trip to the stationers at lunch time tomorrow is in order then. Will try to get it looking right for Beaulieu – less than two weeks to go!

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    [font='comic sans ms']The uni-ball umn-152 was sold mainly in DTB's stationry, they may have stocks left ina store near you, I found some on a trip to Bristol and bought 10 for good measure.[/font]

    [font='Comic Sans MS']Gray[/font]

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    Thanks for that – not sure there is a branch near me though….

    Will have a nose round in London tomorrow in my lunch hour and see what I can find!

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    [font='comic sans ms']Hi Norton, years back I bought a job lot of brocade that had been painted blackas they do!! [/font][font='Comic Sans MS']I tried thinners which was a slow job but did not touch the gold, however it would not remove the deep grained paint so had to resort to nitromors!! this will remove the gold for sure, but this can easily but slowly be penned in with a gold marker pen, a job you can do in the comfort ofthe house in front of the tv.[/font]

    [font='Comic Sans MS']Gray[/font]

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    I did wonder if I could touch in the gold on my parcel shelf. I will be on the look out for fine gold marker pens now! Bet it takes a few hours!:?

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    [font='comic sans ms']Try it on the section that is covered by the overlap of the rear seat back first, if your not happy it won't show.[/font]

    [font='Comic Sans MS']Gray[/font]

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    Well after visiting about 5 different shops I failed to find the correct one. The closest I managed was the UM-153, which I think is the same, but with a Broad nib….. bought one anyway, but do you thinkit will be too big?

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    Well, had a go last night. It looks very good! I think it would have been easier with a finer nib, but you can vary the line thickness quite a bit by altering the pressure. Took me an hour or two to do about 20% of the parcel shelf. My wife is not going to be pleased over the next few evenings while I finish it off!

    Off to the shop again today to buy some more pens while they still have them in stock!

    Thanks for the great tip chaps!

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    I tend to use 'Quick 'n' Brite' to clean my interiors. It's a soft and bio cleaning gunk. You can use it on headlining and the rest as well. Easy diluted in water for spraying. Only downside is that the stuff is pink

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    There were some discussions on the fact that Newton Commercial has gold brocade panels that actually consist of two parts. I was wondering whether the normal brocade panel also has the seam in the middle or does that one consist of only one piece. Does anybody know?

    If a standard grey brocade panel has no seam in the center, one could maybe use the idea of the golden pen on such a panel to get a more correct gold brocade panel. Would this make sense?

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    Apparently I wasn't clear enough…

    Of course the original ones do not have the seam. But if it is necessary to replace the one in your car, a Newton Commercial item is an option that makes sense. Problem is that the Newton Commercial gold brocade onesdo have a seam simply because the gold brocade material comes in sheets that are too small… So, I was thinking of an alternative way to get a more correct panel without a seam based on a grey brocade one of Newton Commercial by using the golden pen idea on that one. But that only works if the plain grey brocade material comes in a way that the grey brocade panels of Newton Commercial don'thave a seam. So, I wondered whether that is the case.

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    Ahh, I see.

    A standard grey panel won't have the same surfaceas a brocade panel – the gold brocade is supposed to be painted in to the pattern on the surface – needless to say that on the Newton rubbish they usually don't get the two lined up correctly.

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    Sorry, I was cleaning up my story in the mean time.

    So, the brocade pattern on the NC parcel shelf panel fore.g. an AlmondGreen car differs from the brocade pattern on the NC panel fore.g. a Tartan Red car? If that is the case as you say, than my idea won't work…

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    Put the gold brocade trim in the car yesterday. The parcel shelf looked great on its own, but the gold looked far too yellow when compared to the rest of the trim, so I cleaned it off again! Just a hint of gold remains, which looks much better…

    I don't think my pen can be the same colour as the ones you guys were using after all….not to worry…. an interesting experiment – will look out for something more suitable later.

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