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  1. im going to try to get a better fit on my mk 1 minis doors as they dont quite close properly,so before i take the door card out and fiddle with the hinges can anyone advise me or offer some tips

    i asume the hinges which attach to the door must have a degree of adjustment so is it this simple?

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    What is actually wrong with the doors. Do they not fit square in the frame or do they stick out at the back or something else:?

    If they have dropped down at the back so don't line up in the frame you may get a little adjustment by slackening the hinge screws and nuts to bring the door back up into line.


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    thanks andrew,the problem is mainly the door does not sit right and catches a little in the door handle area as well as sticking out a little at the bottom ,as new door frame rubber seal was installed the door wont close right but when i remove the door seal the door fits perfectly so naturally im frustrated !

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    There's another thread about Mk1 door seals and associated problems! You would probably get a little adjustment by loosening off the door hinges either on the door or A-panel (presuming they are not rusted up – is your car a newly restored one?) and lifting the door up at the back and retightening.

    The repro Mk1 type seals seem to be a bit too big in profile and causes the doors not to close or at best be very tight to close. On my own newly restored car, I had to fit another gasket to the A panel top hinge (but not on the door part of that hinge) to bring the door out a bit giving a bit of extra clearance for the seal to squash up. On the other side, I had to use a very good original seal as the door would not shut without being very forceful with a new seal.

    Very frustrating to say the least:X

    You could also try dressing the flange a little where it is a bit tight but be careful not to chip the paint!

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    I have twisted door framesbefore now VERY gently to get 'em to sit right, and yes old sealsare the right way to go. If the door fits properly without the seal then I presume the door doesn't need to be 'toe and heeled' ?

    I remember years ago the owner of a concourse restored car portapowering the door apeture in order to get the door to fit, and the car had already been painted !!!! 😯

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    Hi there,

    If your door is touching at the back,just above the catch,it may need lifting(check the hinge pin bushes first,by opening the door slightly and gently lifting the door)if the door goes clonk-up and clonk-back down when you let go,the hinge pins and bushes need renewing.
    If the door goes clonk-up and stays there,the front bolts(or screws) on the door half of the hinge,will need tightening.
    A lot of cars have a large screw here,but it is hard to get this screw tight enough,so replacing it with a bolt is often better.

    If he door sticks out evenly at the back,and the striker plate won't go in far enough(I had this problem recently)
    Then get someone to build the back of it up with weld(they are made of solid zinc)

    As for seals,use the best original ones you can get.
    Even on a restored car,an old door rubber is better than a door that sticks out half a mile

    James 😉

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    The striker plate travel is often limited by the fixing screwstouching theedge of thepressed holes in the B pillar,it's usually the case that the inner plate will move further inthan the pressed holes allow with the bolts fitted (try moving the plate inwards without the fixing bolts in) some careful grinding of theinner edge of the pressed hole with a mini grinder or dremel type toolallows the striker plate to be moved more inboard with the screws refitted. This will help a little with both old and new seals but will make the door more difficult to close onto the second stage of the striker, a little grease on the lock tongue and the striker will help. it's very rare to see anoriginal sliding window car without the door a little proud of the bodywork on the lower trailing edge.

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