mk1 cooper s 1071


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    Hi Andy,

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy it here and getsome help if you need it. Have you got a car? I guess I should go read your post and see.


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    Hi Al

    I know its sad and i have spends thousands on this car, its been 5 years of my life to build this carbut i will need the money for a deposit for house


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    10 reasons to keep the Mini:

    [*]You can turn it on every morning without itprotesting and itrequires only thirty seconds of warm-up.
    [*]Your Mini responds to input quickly and without complaint or superfluous discussion.
    [*]Petrol ismuch cheaper than a woman. How much fun canyou have with a woman for£5?
    [*]A Mini handles predictably and is never moody.
    [*]If you want to go for a drink with your mates theMini will stay in the car park without complaining.
    [*]You can thrash it up the road.
    [*]Your Mini doesn't have a mother.
    [*]AMini won't complain about the way you drive.
    [*]AMini won't make you go shopping.
    [*]Your Mini won't get upset if you go out in another car.[/list]

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