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  1. Hi all im new to this forum had a few mins now but have now got a historic rally prepped 64 'S' just trying to find out what the original colour carpet should be for the car. At the mo it has a cheap black carpet in. The car is Almond green with a white roof.

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    Hi Marc,

    The column should change no problem but you will need the complete Mk1 assembly, including the blinker switch and you may need a Mk1 steering wheel/horn button etc as well. You will need to investigate the wiring to see what modifications have been done there as the Mk1 blinker/horn wiring harness and plug are different.

    The switch panel will need some investigation too, to see what has been done there before any advice can be given.


    Al (who also has an Almond green and OEW car)

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    Cheers for that gotta getit ordered now. Another quickie the car is fitted with a later style twin stalk (indicators,wipers) steering column with ignition switch included,also it has later style rocker switches on the dash rail would it be a hard job to put back to period. Guess it was updated for ease of use when rallying.

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