Pin drive oil pumps and S pistons


  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the Cooper S pin drive pump is available anywhere? They have a different length (shorter?) shaft. I have heard that some repro pin drive ones sheared the drive too?

    I also need some +10 'S' pistons – anyone know of any around? BMC used to make them I think



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    Hi Graeme,

    The S pin drive pump has a longer shaft and as far as I know is not available anywhere. It wasn't when I was trying to get one for my S engine. However, it is possible to press the shaft off the old S pump (fitted on a keyway) and fit it to a new high capacity oil pump (denoted by the shoulder on the pump housing) intended for a small bore engine. Justtake careful measurements to make sure the pin is correctly positioned on the rotor.

    Hope this helps


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    Swaping the pin is the only way to go on an old S pump, or even better stick a more modern cam in it and use a modern pump 🙂

    I have never heard of a 10thou oversize piston, the first rebore size is 20thou.


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    Thanks to for that about the oil pumps.

    Oversize +10 pistons are listed in my mid 1970's parts book – 8G 2434 13 for the set of four Grade 3 . Also listed as 8G 2434 16 as Grade 6. (I think the grade 6 pistons were slightly larger for slightly worn bores)

    They are also listed for the 970 – these must be flat tops. These are also listed in the Australian S/T booklet (link below) in the S/T section of that terrific website!


    I too have never seen this size piston but have an old thin flange S block that has fairly thin liners and has been bored to +10. I didn't really want to risk boring it out to +20.

    Cheers, Graeme

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    +50 pistonsalso used to be available in the good old days when we had a choice not that I can recall having seen an S piston in either of these sizes.

    Even old liners should be able to go to +30.

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