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  1. Hi Have just suffered a pretty catastrophic steering rack failure.

    I fitted a new QH exchange rack to my 850 and before the first race it was making horrible cracking popping noises, I put this down to the LSD (it is a race car) but by the end of one weekends racing the rack was totally shot. We stripped it last night to find that the rack and pinnion were both begining to dissintegrate.

    My question comes in 2 parts;

    1) Has anyone else suffered similar problems?

    2) What do the people on here with serious output 1380's with LSD's use to get any degree of reliability regarding steering racks. This is not a part I have previously had a problem with.

    Finally, I know that racing will highlight weaknesses, and no road part can be expected to last any time or carry any warranty worth talking about if raced, but the fact is this particular item was starting to fail when the car was being pushed around the garage before it had an engine in!

    Any constructive thoughts / comments would be much appreciated.

    Mark F.

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    Mark, if i was you id ring either KAD or put a post on the pistonheads forum. lots of the guys on there seem to have extensive knowledge of race/ fast road cars.

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    Hello! Mark

    [/b]If it was me although as you say most manufacturers will not give warranty I would still consult with them using digital pictures of the damage, and ask them if there is any possibility of faulty materials, and or heat treatment being used. ( I had a new mobile crane half shaft break, I was told it was my problem. I sent the shaft away for analysis it turned out the shaft was made of the correct material, but it had missed its heat treatment, supplied in its annealed state). [b]These things do happen[/b]

    Ronnie 😎

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    A friend of mine prepares Super Mighty Minis. His son races one of these and has won the championship. Other cars that have been prepared by him have won several races.

    Recently we were talking about steering racks, in brief, he will only use genuine Rover items and does not use any other type. His reasoning being that non genuine racks are very often fine for road use, but when subjected to racing he has seen an alarming rate of failure or near failure. Apparently the difference is in the housing of the rack. The ends where the rods locate are, on the Rover item, slightly longer and stronger. The problem manifests itself on full or near full lock when more play than normal is found. Straightahead there is no difference.The extra stresses that racing brings on, including using kerbs at speed may be the final straw for an other fine rack.

    I trust this is of some help.


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    Thanks for the info.

    Well the latest is that we have reason to believe that they used a quick rack pinion on a non quick rack, rack. Which explains a lot!

    Any suggestions whereI can get a new genuine rack? I thought they were NLA.

    I have also been told that titan to a competition rack that I am investigating.

    Having said all that I did 2 x 40 minute races + qualifying at Brands this weekend and the new QH one worked fine. Obviously I'll keep my eyes on it, but at least I have a bit of breathing space.


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