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  1. [font='comic sans ms']Hi, does anybody have any experience with any of the liquid metals on the market? Having cleaned the paint off the bottom of my gearcase some of the fins have conflict scars that could do with a bit of a cosmetic makeover. Some claim to be heat proof and capable of drilling and taping so any ideas as I just need to build a couple back up a bit.[/font]

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    [font='Comic Sans MS']I rather thought that would be the case hence the post.[/font]

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    They are all well and good in their right place. I have used JB Weld very successfully for many jobs, some of which I dare not mention here. But I'm afraid that the sort of application you are suggestinghere aplastic metal type product is totally unsuitable.

    They are strong and heat resistant, but can't make a bond with the alloy that is anywhere near strong enough to survive for any length of time.

    The first time you go through a big puddle the plastic metal fins on your gearbox case will just get knocked off, let alone venturing onto a slightly uneven grassy field.

    If you are really bothered about the cosmetics of your case that much, find a better case or get themissing fins weldedup and filled back to shape. Plastic metal WILL NOT WORK.

    If I was you, I would live with the odd battle scar, after all, these cars are over 40 years old inmost cases nowadays.


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