A Buyer's Guide from the Mini Cooper Register

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  1. The Register have reprinted its Buyers Guide – which has been out of print for several years.

    The 28 page, A5 sized guide, details all the information you need to know to successfully purchase a Mini Cooper. It details the MK 1, MK 11, MK111, Innocenti and the early Rover Coopers.

    [COLOR=red]***It is on sale now – and can be purchased online at £7.50 inc p&p. To order your copy – [/COLOR][URL='http://www.minicooper.org/regalia/bg.htm'%5D%5BCOLOR=red%5Dclick here[/COLOR][/URL]***

    The above link is broken, the regalia page has been temporarily removed from the website. Please address enquiries regarding the Buyers Guide, by PM, to [URL='http://forum.minicooper.org/member.php?u=15891'%5DAMS%5B/URL%5D

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