Mk1 seat frames


  1. Hi folks,

    I am in need of a pair of standard type Mk1 seats for my replica to fit (boo, hiss) NC seat covers onto!!

    I was planning to advertise for a pair in the local Free-ads but had a look in our junk sheds and came across a pair of Mini seats. From the vynyl seat cover style, I would think they are from a standard 850 saloon from around 1973-75. They are the pre anti-tip type. The style of the seat back looks to be very close if not the same as a Mk1 seat.

    Does anyone know if these seat frames are the same or if not the same, if they are OK for the job in mind?



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    Having a garage clearout in preparation for a housemove and found a set of mk1 seat frames from 1966/67 going spare, they are in good condition with no covers but do have the cotton wool type padding on the uprights. I'am located near Maidstone, Kent if your interested.:)

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    Had a look through the Mk1 and Mk2 body parts manuals last night and it would appear that Mk1 (except really early ones) and Mk2 seats frames are the same as they have the same part number.Perhaps it is just the padding and covers that determine the look of the seats.

    Good news for me as I have had a tatty pair of Mk2 seats in a shed for 20 odd years. What's that old saying…….. 'never chuck anything out as it may come in useful one day' 😀

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