Brake light switch cover


  1. Hi guys,

    Some Mini's have a rubber protector cover over the brake light switch and terminals, does anybodyknow if all should have this or is it perhaps a later model addition?



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    Hi Gray,

    Can you find it in your parts book? I couldn't and that is what has me thinking it is later. I don't have a later book (Mk2 or Mk3)to check.



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    [font='Comic Sans MS']Your right I have just had a look in AKD3509 and cannot see it, I have not got a later one to check. I have had my 970 since 1983 so I know it has not been added since then, but could of been done before I got it although most details were correct just a bit scruffy.[/font]

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    Andrew what do you think on this one?

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    Hi Gray and Al,

    Not sure on this one. 😕

    My '60 didn't have one or the '62 loom I used in it's rebuild. My Mk2 Cooper has one and so did the Mk2 that I obtained one from for the S replica (and subsequently mislaid). I'd have said it was a late Mk1 thing or Mk2 but your 970 has blown that theory out of the water Gray:DIt must have been added during loom manufacture so perhaps it depended if they had then in stock??!!

    Over to the Meister to answer this one I would say!


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