Spark plug lead number stickers


  1. Hi,

    Does anybody reproduce the cylinder number stckers for spark plug leads?

    Failing availability, does anybody know what they look liike? Maybe I could get some done easy enough.



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    Hi Mark,

    They're shown in the parts book (printed 1964), period photos show them and I have seenphotos of restored cars with them.I think theyexisted.



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    Have a look at the under bonnet photos on your web site to solve the mystery!I bought some a few years ago but cannot remember from whom/where- sorry. I do remember you have to heat shrink them onto the the cables. Hope that is of some help.

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    Bugger, what do they say, Never say Never 🙂

    The were certainly not a regular feature on UK cars, but must have come and gone. I ahve just checked the parts list and they were certainly 'standard' fitting up to 1964 hen this parts list is dated. Seems od though that both my very early , low mileage cars with original caps and leads didn't have them on.

    Another Mini mystery to solve.


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    I did before I posted my last comment 🙂


    Heat shrink spark plug lead labels, heat & chemical resistant, a bargain at. . . .

    £2.50 / set plus postage, 50p in UK £2.50 for rest of the world.

    Contact mark(youknowwhat)

    Mark F.

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    Please find a pic of one of the labels fitted to a plug lead.




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    Hi guys,

    I have received the lead numbers from Mark and they are perfect, a lovely finishing touch under the bonnet. Thanks Mark, guys like you that reproduce these small parts at an affordable price do a wonderful service to our hobby.


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