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  1. Hi everyone,

    Thought this might be useful to anyone wanting to get their distributor overhauled.

    I recently bought a 23D4 S distributor off eBay for my S engine. The distributorto be honest wasknackered (poorly advertised), although it was cheap (£30).

    Whilst surfing the web trying to find someone who stocked obsolete Lucas parts I came across a companyin Christchurch, New Zealand called Quality Rebuilds Ltd, run by a chap called Barry Emms. I thought it would be a non starter due to the fact of where he was situated.

    Al Brass, who also lives in Christchurch,kindly enquired how much it would cost to overhaul and set up the distributor and was quoted NZ$70. This equates to around £23 – yes, £23.:shock:

    I decided to take a chance and send it over. It cost £9.00 to send (with some other parts for Al).

    Barry received the distributor,repairedand set it up on the same day! The repairs involved straightening abent shaft, machine awaythe bit that is clampedand usually damaged and supplied a special collar, tap out and supply new base plate mounting screwsand calibrate to Lucas specs. The advance was all wrong so that had to be altered as well. I have a sheet with the Lucas specs and actual specs. The cost – NZ$69.75!!

    My replica S is now running and the distributor appears to be working as it should.

    The distributor was away from me for just over 2 weeks. In all it has cost me £41, including postage, to get it overhauled. I think it would be hard to get this service in the UK and certainly notat the price charged. Although Barry offers a 'rebuild to look like new' service, this price was not for that as I was not too worried aboutthe aesthetic look as longas it worked correctly.

    Whilst I agree it's a long way to send something, I think the post overseas is at least as good if not better than the Royal Mail. I would highly recommend Barry for any work.

    If anyone wants to check out this website or email Barry then the details are below.



    Al Brass has recently had his distributor overhauled by Barry so anyone can email Al to ask for another opinion.

    Hope this helps someone.


  2. imported post

    Hi Andrew,

    My distributor works well too and Barry once again did a top job. If any MCR members would like to, they could send their distributor to me and I will deliver it to Barry for repairs, collect it when done and post it back to you. I would do this as a personal favour to you and it may make you feel a little more secure, knowing someone is here to keep an eye on progress.

    Best regards


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