Brocade trim


  1. Hi everyone,

    Why did the Almond Green and Grey cars not have Gold or Silver Brocade trim?:?Apologies if it's a stupid question 🙂

    This detail may have been noted in Mini books in the past but I don't recall reading about it.


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    Probably a design thing – you know what these arty types are like. All Coopers had the same list price whatever the colour – grey cars also did not have brocade.

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    [b]mk1 wrote: [/b] “BMC realised that the more decerning Cooper & S driver would not be attracted by the tarts handbag apearance of Brocade trim….”
    I take it the discerning drivers are those to blame for painting many brocade seats and trim panels black!!!:D

    Would have made more sense if all colours were offered with/without brocade trim but I suppose that would have been toocomplicated for 1960's Britain.:P

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    BMC realised that the more decerning Cooper & S driver would not be attracted by the tarts handbag apearance of Brocade trim so they offered the 'best' colours without the guchilook 🙂

    Seriously though, I do prefer the plain interiors myself.


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    Well, I wish I still had my 'tarty' red Cooper. My last one had been almond green/grey, but with both front seats sagging it got a pair of cheapo buckets and a tin of humbrol black upholstery paint took care of the rest, headlining and all. Oh, to be young again . Mind you, when Boots start selling 'those' pills on 14 feb I can be :dude:Steve.

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    Tart's handbag……………….only you can get away with saying that Mark – yes you are forgiven !!!!! My latest Super has that for an interior ! I have to agree about the simpler options. I think the interior of Joe, my 1962 Austin Super (Almond Green one) is the 'Best in the West !'


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    I don't fight as I am too daft !!! What am I up to ? Hmmm… I am a pretty dull and boring individual really !!! Mini wise, I bought Humphrey ( my 1962 Surf Blue Morris Super) off the dreaded Bay in March last year.He's being brought back to life and is nearly ready. A popular motoring magazine has shown an interest in my 'Boys' so do keep a good lookout for that !!!! I had a change in job (long drawn out story) which means I am doing nearly 400 miles a week to work – currently in my 1969 MK2. My Flame will be helping out once the gearbox is sorted – my sump plug has got all sorts of interesting bits and pieces on it – oops !!!!!

    Keep on Minning !


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    I got it today. They have got my Cooper and Super the wrong way around !!!! This also happened in Mini Magazine last year with my Cooper and my Almond Green Super. Confusing eh, all these Minis !!!! I sent the pictures into the magazine in late 2005 and they lost them. They found them again when having a clearout early this year and called me. I wish they'd included my other cars too… would have made me look a lot more insane to the readers !

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    I had a look in my local WHSmiths on Thursday, but they still had last months issue on sale.

    I'll pick up a copy when I get the chance, but they don't seem very professional if they loose photo's and then mess up the article too?

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    Not at all Sal, I think publications like that should be glad that enthusiasts like yourself are dedicated enough to take care of such a wonderful collection of classic cars.

    I still have to get my copy, but we haven't left the house in days because we're all suffering from the flaming flu. :X

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    Still to me it is better than getting into a one marque magazine !!!! As much as I enjoy the scene, it gets a bit more chilled out and more fun when you broaden your horizons…I am sure you know exactly what I mean here Taffy !

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