Early Cooper S top radiator hose


  1. Hi there,

    Just fitted the early, square top radiator (lovely little job:P) to my S replica, but I cannot find atop hose thatwill fit:X.

    I know the top hose changed when the radiator outlet was moved further inwards in '65 or so. I have an earlier hose which I though was correct as it lists all early Mini's including 63-64 S's on the label.Is there a different thermostat housing for this early set up? The outlet on the housing points away from the radiator whereas on my 998 and 850 they point towards it?

    Please help!!!


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    I'm surprised that no-one has been able to tell me if there is an early top hose for an S prior to the usual swan necked GRH247 used with the later type radiator:(.

    Further investigation into thethe BMC parts manual reveals that it looks like the early hose is 12G325 but does anyone know the Unipart or QH equivalent numbers?

    Anyone able to help?

    All the best


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    [font=Helvetica][size=1]hi, just taken delivery of 50 cooper s top hoses part no [font=Helvetica][size=1]RH 0889 our number (RH 08890)[/size][/font][/size][/font]

    [font=Helvetica][size=1]QHspec cotton brade very good quality £4.50 each, + post[/size][/font]



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    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your post but I got one on Wednesday from an MG specialist – similar price to you. No Mini specialist seemed to keep them for some reason. Guess there's not many S's left with the early radiator??



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