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    funny you should post the page from the parts list, as I checked mine as well for the number. But I got an other edition.

    But according to Parnell's book it could be a 1275 cos the first of the cars were produced begin 64 with as start number 551501 and ending with 1066320.

    What's the engine number and do they match.

    And if it's a 1071, I want it 😀

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    Cooper S 1071 ended on number 563570 (Austin), and 563492 Morris the 13/8 or 27/8 1964 !!!!
    The 1275 started on number 551501(austin) or 552501 (Morris) the 14/2 or 25/2 1964.
    These numbers are from Parnall and is verified !!!
    But is it 1275 or 1071, it is clearly built before juli 1964, maybe in the sommer of 1964 !!!
    Anyone out there ???
    Best regards


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    This certainly won't have started life as a 1275 S. 1071 and 1275 models did not share the same blocks of chassis numbers.

    It more than likely started life in early June 1964 as anAustin 1071 built for an export market.

    If you want to know more you will need to get a Heritage certificate.

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    Thanks MK 3 meister. I was 99 % sure of a 1071, but how do you make it a Austin ?. And you is right, it is a export model. Engine and gearbox is gone !!!, And I will get a Heritage certificate, but it takes months before I get the result.
    Best Regards


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    Within the blocks of chassis numbers allocated to S types they wereusuallydivided between Austin and Morris and yours is in a block of Austins however sometimes the odd Morris or two will appear in the Austins and vice versa.

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    [font=Arial][size=2][b]January[/b]- Cooper 997 discontinued at chassis numbers C/A257 L189222, K/A254 L187907. 998 Cooper introduced at chassis numbers C/A 257 502447, K/A254 502482. 998 Cooper engine was virtually the same as the Hornet/Elf unit introduced in March 1963, but utilized a new head casting with greatly improved flow. This was used together with a milder camshaft than the 997 unit.[/size][/font]

    [font=Arial][size=2][b]March[/b]- 970 introduced at chassis numbers C/A257 549501, K/A254 550501. 1275 [b]Cooper S introduced at chassis numbers C/A 257 551501, K/A254 552501. At engine no.9F.SA.X.29001.[/b] Diaphragm clutch replaced spring clutch, 3.44 final drive for 1275 S, 4-1/2' rim wheels optional, oil-filter warning light.[/size][/font]

    [font=Arial][size=2][b]August[/b]- [b]1071 Cooper S discontinued at chassis numbers C/A257 563570, K/A254 563500.(last engine number 9FD.SA.H.33948.)[/b][/size][/font]

    [font=Arial][size=2][b]September[/b]- Major change to hydro-elastic suspension from the dry rubber cone suspension. applied to all models except countryman and traveller. Other changes include courtesy lights, plastic frame interior mirror, key start on all models, safety sun visor. All 850 models changed to twin leading shoe brakes. Closer ratio box B type gears used throughout the range. Needle roller bearings used for third motion shaft gears. Increased gear width and larger bearings at chassis numbers A/A2S7 640203, A/AW7 638559, M/A2S4 296257, M/A2S4/S 296257, M/AW4 638879, R/A252 639909, W/A252 625740, C/A2S7 6133719, K/A2S4550743, C/A2S7 549763, K/A2S4 550793, C/A2S7 552243, K/A2S4 553170. Diaphragm clutch fitted to all 850 engines from engine number 883708 plus twin leading shoe brakes. 3 Position seat brackets fitted to driver's seat on all models. Diaphragm spring clutch on all 998 units.[/size][/font]

  7. Hello
    Can anyone help me ?
    I have found a car, that is a Cooper S.
    First registration date is the 16. july 1964.
    The registration papirs just mentiones BMC Cooper S.
    Chassis number is 562994.
    Engine and all possible identificationplates is missing.
    Could this be a 1071 if it is a Austin or Morris, or is it a 1275 ?
    Please help.:D
    And yes it is a Cooper S.
    Best regards

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