Jack colour?


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    All MK1 / MK2 jacks were indeed red.

    The colour is a funny one though, if you are planning on repainting ithe best thiong to do is take the jack or a sample of the colour and get an aerosol mixed by a local paint company. My local firm charge about £10.00 a tin and the match is almost always perfect.


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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your answers. The jack in my Cooper S is black and is otherwise identical to the one in the Mk1 850 I've just bought. I wonder if it is a replacement ??



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    [b]ka2s4 wrote: [/b] “Hi Al

    To quote Tim Fin;I see red I see red I see red.

    Thanks again for the drive last night.


    Hi James,

    Nice to see you here on the forum and a pleasure to let you have a drive. Next, you will have to drive the 850 !



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    The jack in my S is identical in every was, right down to the stickers. The welds look to be done they same and all. I think it likely there were two jack colours but, from what I read here, it is rare.


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