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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone recommend a company who can replate the various parts on my servo. I presume it should be a gold anodised finish? Or is there another method – any decent paint alternative from Frost or someone similar??



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    I'm pretty sure the gold colour is passivated zinc plating, any zinc plating company should be able to replate the parts for you. Theparts to be platedwill need to be stripped toindividual items though


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    Originally MK1 servo's were plated with Cadmium. This isn't really am option nowadays so most people seem to use Zinc.

    The colour of the original was silver/grey.


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    Nickel plating after fine sandblasting will give adull silver grey finish which should be close to the original finish and will be very durable.

    Ihave sucessfully nickel plated many parts for my MGB using a very simple 'home' kit, the latest being the servo mounting brackets. Some of the parts have been underneath my 'B' for16 years now with no sign of any deterioration.

    Regards Don.

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    Thanks for your answers folks.

    I've just finished stripping the servo tonight. The big diaphragm and air valve seem good.I need to get some new seals. There a seal specialist not too far from me that might be able to match me some up from the old ones. The gaskets can be made from gasket sheet

    The inside of the casing has revealed that it was originally a pale gold finish so hopefully the platers I'm planning on getting to do the work will be able to replated in a similar style.

    Here's hoping it goes to plan 😉


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    Hi Andrew,

    I wonder where this gold colour comes in. So far as I know, they should be cadmiumand I have seen plenty finished this way, but every now and then, a pot finished in gold zinc shows up. Could it be that there was more than one finish ordoes the gold zincgive a clue that the servo has been replaced or reconditioned at some stage after cadmium went out of favour? Any ideas anyone?



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    Hi Al,

    Thanks for your comments and if anyone can enlighten us that would be great preferably before I take the casing for plating (probably in a couple of weeks). It might be that this servo was from a Lockheed kit to fit to a non servo assisted car:?


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    One of the specialist servo rebuild companies uses the gold finish, I can't remember their name, they probably use the gold finish as its slightly more durable than the standard silver zinc plating now thatCadmium is not readily available.I think the 90's minis with servos used the gold colour.

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    My 2 servos are both of the gold flavour, both are old enough to be original, however the same type of servo was used on other models, I think Alfas may of had them, the give away clue I'm told is that one type has a grove machined in the end of the main body which is just visible infront of the front mount. Now I'm not sure if an 'S' one should or should not have the groove but the non 'S' one has a slightly stronger pressure. If anybody comes up with a plater please let us know.


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    hi,just doing the same thing for my mk2 all my small components for the car, brackets etc i'm plating 'clear' (silver to you and i ) and painting over black as required including the servo, as previously stated afine shot blast is allit needsbefore plating to get a even finish i have been usingJ L SPARES[][u][color=#0000ff][/color][/u][/url] For info and spares for my type 51/2 servo they seem to have everything to fully recon your own or they will do it for you for £170,which includes re sleeving if required these plate there servos gold, they said it does not show up any imperfections like silver, most of the kits you need are listed on there website gaskets etc,

    the platers i us are in stoke on trent Diamont metal finishers co ltdvery good quality

    tel:-[b]01782822442[/b]they charge £35 min charge but you can have a bucket full done, if you can wait a a couple of weeks i will be doing another batch, if you send them up i will put yours in for you,i will take some photo's to show you the colour and finish, its not exactly correct but its the only one available, i have 3 servo's at the moment so i'm doing them all and picking the best for my rebuild.

    hope this helps


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    [font='comic sans ms']Cheers Nick, I shall give them a bell and have a chat a bit nearer the time I'm needing it done, as I've only just got the shell back for Surface Processing and now the welding starts.[/font]

    [font='comic sans ms']Gray[/font]

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