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  1. Hi guys,

    While working on my car, I like to use a parts book as a reference, particularly for nuts, bolts and washers. Unfortunately, the Mini Cooper parts book refers only to part number and one is left guessing as the the thread etc.

    Is there such a thing as 'BMC standard hardware catalogue' or a reference in any other book crossing part numbers todescriptions of various bolts, nuts, washers and screws etc? If so, I would very much appreciate a copy and would gladly cover the costs.

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    I think Moss give a clue in this area as part of their catalogue but not sure if this info will tie up with Mk 1 part numbers. I'll dig out my catalogue to see whats available.

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    Al, seems to be a bit of a nightmare. Moss list their hardware using Triumph numbers although it looks as though these may have become Leyland standard in later years. This info is available on the web:


    starting on page 68. Suspect this probably won't tie up with your Mk1 parts book. SC Parts do a similar list, not on web, but give no clue to origin of their part numbers. Could you supply part numbers and sizes of a couple of common bolts and I'll see if these bear any resemblance.

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    Al, sorry can't help. SC numbers are numerical only from 4-6 digits long. These, or the Moss numbers, may well tie up if you had the numerous supersession sheets issued in the past 45 years!I'll have to leave it to the MK1 experts on here.

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    [font='comic sans ms']The 2 relevant to mk1 coopers are AKD3509 Mechanical service parts list and AKD3510 Body service parts list, I have both orginal and ebay disc,however the ebay disc I have is poor quality scans so go for the genuine thing.[/font]

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    Hi Gray,

    I too have both CD and book but the book is soo much better! Maybe it's just an age thing, but there is something about flicking pages.



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    If you're looking for a CD copy the recent BMIHT releases seem to have everything covered. For Mk1 and 2 try this: [url=][/url]

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    I consider the Cd's mentioned by Dave are good and well worth investing in, but you do need an inquisitive mind to locate all the necessary info.

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    If you want an original eBay or an autjumble is your best bet. There are some that have been scanned on to CD on eBay from time to time as well.

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    I have a BL Historical Supersession List from 1987 which shows the following for the part numbers quoted:

    LNZ 205 nut > GHF 222

    LWZ 305 spring washer > LWZ 305K > LWZ 305

    HZS 0513 screw > not mentioned so still current at the time

    There is a sort of logic to the BMC nut/bolt/screw part numbers, part of it is to do with the thread or diameter and part of it to do with the length.

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    cheers for the link dave.

    thats seems to cover all the mk 1 stuff, may still keep a look out for a hard copy does any one have a spare they would like to sell.



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