Ignition switch spacer


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    A friend has noticed a detail I can't seem to find the answer to. Which side of the switch panel is the chrome ignition switch spacer fitted to, inside or out? Parnells book shows most cars having thespacer on the inside but frommemory, it should be on the outside. My car has it fitted on the outside but I cannot say it hasn't been touched.Has anyone got some proof?

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    The spacer fits on the outside on cars built after Aug/Sept 1964 with the courtesy light switches in the door pillars, hydrolastic etc. All Minis were fitted with this longer type switch when they went to key start. The spacer never fits on the inside – cars without the external spacer have a shorter switch which doesn't need one. Before this, non Cooper Minis had the floor starter button. As a rule, anything with Hydrolastic will have the longer switch with the spacer.

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