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  1. Hi folks,

    As someof you will know through the Forum, I was planning on purchasing a Newton Commerical Brocade interior for my Mk1 S replica.

    I knew that the repro trim did not match very wellwith theoriginal trim but as I'd be fitting a complete NC interior I didn't think aproblem would arise andand after all it's only a replica! However, JK's comments in this months mag has really put me off the idea.

    Has anyone recently bought any NC Brocade trim and if so what is your honest opinion and what are the problems with it. I am concerned that the material itself may be really substandard as lets face it, most stuff coming from China is cheap,nasty and not fit for the purpose it was intended! I certainly don't want to spend £8-900 on shite :X

    I've asked NC to send me a sample of the material and just hope that I get a sample of the current material and not some of the old stock, decent stuff.

    If it's real rubbish then I guess I'll have to fit the standard Powder Blue 850 interior back in and attempt to locate a Cooper interior for it. I'd rather not do this as I want to get the car looking right from the start but if needs be I'll have to.



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    well I've had a complete NC Red and Brocade interior fitted in my 970S and I'm pleased with it . Been better a complete original interior , as the NC material is not the same as original. But a mix of new and old looks worse .

    I have nearly got a complete original interior , but that is going in the 1070


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    Hi Rog,

    Thanks for your reply. I did think I might go to NC to have a look at the seat covers (presuming that they will allow that?) as I'm not that far from them. Seems a sensible idea anyway.

    Any more views out there?


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    I have seen the recent non brocade covers and liners and they are miles away from the original material – not that I have ever been impressed with the Newton stuff.

    BMC (later known as the British Trim Company) did far superior non brocade trim and carpets. I believe that they still do stuff for Jags and other cars but under a different name.

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    Hi Meister, I'll be after Powder Blue/Grey Gold Brocade trim, so I guess there could be issues with the Brocade patterns as well.

    When you say it's miles away I presume you are referring to the grain of the vynyl. My main concern is whether it will be long lasting or like most Chinese stuff, disposable! 🙁

    I have to say that I bought a carpet set from BMC a few years ago for my 1960 850 and although the actual carpet is very close to the original style, the fit was absolute crap, especially the rear carpet which is about 2inches too narrow. It is also tears easily.

    I bought it because NC didn't do Cherry Red carpets for early Mk1's because it was not a popular interior colour, or so they told me anyway!!:?Funny that because the vast majority of OEW and Cherry cars I've seen have gotCherry interiors, like Mk1's project 1070 had. They wouldn't believe what I told them. Some of the colours they offer, I have never seen on a car..bizarre :X

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    I saw the eBay auction for the complete set and thought that a new set would be better as it wouldn't be some 40 years old and the stitching etc would not potentially be weak. Now beginning to think I should have pursued it.

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    I can only echo what has already been said.

    I'm not a great fan of the Newton material it seems a lot spongier than the original, and the register on the brocade has always been atrocious. I haven't seen any of the latest stuff and if its got even further from the original I really wonder what the point is of spending nearly £1000 on a trim set?

    BMC / BTC non brocade trim was prefect, I had a mix and match set in my 1070 and no one ever noticed. I wonder if it is still available?

    Oh and red carpets in original cars must have been the most common, they were used in Red & white cars all the time.


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    [b]mk1 wrote: [/b] ”
    BMC / BTC non brocade trim was prefect, I had a mix and match set in my 1070 and no one ever noticed. I wonder if it is still available?

    Oh and red carpets in original cars must have been the most common, they were used in Red & white cars all the time.


    Hi Mk1,

    Did BMC/BTC ever do the Brocade trim? As for colour of carpets, I know, you know, every one else who knows anything about early Mk1's know that but try telling NC that – I did and failed!!:X

    Anyone got any decent Powder Blue/Gold Brocade trim 😀


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    I've got some Powder Blue/Grey/Gold Brocade seats that have been painted black. Even painted black it is far better than Newtons sorry effort.

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    BMC never did do the brocade, and yes the coloured vinyls were a great match.

    Worth waiting for the originals to turn up as they do eventually, some people buy projects and are mad enough to cob the stuff out believe it or not.I met a guy last year with a 970 'S' who had a very nice original set of red/grey in the car, superb liners etc and told me he was going to remove it all to retim it ! :shock:Bonkers I know. There was a very nice original set in powder Blue/Grey gold brocade on Ebay early in the year which went for a lot less than a NC set.

    I remember taking an identical set to Stoneleigh quite a few years ago, or was it Bingley, in great nik and couldn't give 'em away.How times change.

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    In all fairness, its very easy slagging off Newton trim but at least they give us mini owners an option. Its not that long ago that brocade trim was just impossible to get.

    Funnily enough though, when it did turn up it was a bloody sight cheaper in those days 🙂


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    Just received some samples from NC. The Powder Blue seat material looks pretty close to the correct colour. I can see what is meant about the depth of the brocade overlay, which seems a little thin.

    My biggest concern now is the colour of the carpet sent. I thought that the Powder Blue carpet was the same colour as the seats – am I correct on this? If it is, the colour carpet sent is B. awful. It's more like Island Blue 😯

    Can someone confirm what the carpets should be like before I go back to them to query it!!!!



    Just attached a picture so you can see the colour of the carpet!

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    Sorry- can't get your picture download to work. I was going to show you some pics of my lovely Newton Commercial brocade interior in my new Super !

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    I have an original powder blue carpet in my Clipper Blue 850 I will try and take a picture, but of course the colour will depend on your monitor.

    It is certainly darker than the seats, but not by much.

    I am of course refering to a bit that has been in the shade as it has faded a bit in 46 years.


    PS.I have bought a powder blue carpet from Newton before, it wasn't that bad, but if I ever have to do it again, I will be taking a trip down to the local carpet warehouse, I can probably find something closer and MUCH. MUCH cheaper.

    PPS. I have just noticed the JPEG's. If that block of bright blue on the rHS is supposed to be the carpet, it couldn't be further off.

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    Hi M.

    A picture of an original PB carpet would be useful, thanks for the offer.

    I've just had an email from NC and it seems like they sent me the wrong carpet sample. They say that their PB carpet is much lighter. I've asked them to send me another sample so we'll see what is forthcoming.

    I guess buying some from Carpet Right would be a lot cheaper but I suppose the fact NC's carpet sets are specially moulded to go over the tunnel gives an advantage albeit a more expensive advantage.


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    [img]file:///D:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Sal/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/2006-05-16/surfbluesuper014.jpg[/img]The trim was replaced several years ago according to Gary Dickens who runs the Super register. It is actually Newton Commercial, but is very good.

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    Sal's interior….



    (Newton Commercial)




    Original and a little faded though I don't think it's faded as much as that.

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    Couple more shots of original trim. Newton's does seem pretty dark in comparison.


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    Hi Sal

    I got them after I sent you the email! For some reason some of my incoming emails take a long time to come through – eBay ones are the worst culprits!!

    Thanks to you and Glen for the pics, they show the differences in colour between the NC and originals well. Still undecided what to do but no hurry as it'll be a few months before I need the interior so I'll see what is forthcoming in the meantime!

    Thanks also to DaveShreeve for the tip on opening the php format pics.


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    I forgot to comment on these sets of pics – sorry ! My seats also seem to be a bolder brighter blue in the pics. I have only seen my car once and I can't remember exactly what the seats looked like. I like the original ones better in these pics as they are far more subtle looking than my Newton ones. I should imagine though, that mine will look good in my car once all the work is done (here speaketh the voice of optimism !)

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