Diff housing cover plate


  1. Hi Guys,

    A friend has a 22G333 gearbox housing that has a cover over the oblong gearshift mechanism opening on the top of the diffcasting.The opening I refer to is the one that the pivot pin(with a split pin either end) passesthrough.Thislight gauge steel cover is secured with a drive screw at the rear of the opening.

    Mine doesn't have this and I am left wondering if the coverbelongs to later production or if it is modification. It seems a good idea and probably worth doing when some of the roads down here in the colonies are considered! 😯 Any thoughts?

    Thanks in anticipation


  2. imported post

    That's interesting! My gearbox is an English one, I'll ask Chris if his is Australian. The only way I know of tellling is the colour, maybe this cover is another way.



    (I've asked Chris ifhis gearbox was Australian but therewas no paint on it and there is no other way of telling)

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