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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have an unused, mild steel,LCB exhaust manifold to fit to my Cooper S replica (850 shell withan 850 identity :shock:) that has a little light surface rust on it. This is easily removed but does anyone know of any coating or paint that can be applied to it to keep it looking reasonable?

    Any help as usual greatly appreciated.


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    this looks like it will do the job


    or this



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    [font='comic sans ms']Hi Andrew,[/font]

    [font='comic sans ms'][url=http://www.rust.co.uk]www.rust.co.uk[/url] also do some very good manifold paint also available in several finishes,grey,silver & black if I remember right, these guys have really good paint finishes.[/font]

    [font='comic sans ms']Gray[/font]

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    Hi James & Gray,

    Thanks for the links – I'll investigate them. Any idea what the correct or accepted colour for the manifiold should be, silver or black ?


    PS – Gray, the seal is in the post 😀

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    Thanks Meister, black it will probably be then. 🙂

    Will an LCB fit in place after the engine is fitted or does it need to be bolted to the engine (minus Y [iece) before it is lowered into the engine bay?:?



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    As said above, any sort of VHT paint will do the trick for a manifold, but don't expect it to last for ever. In my experience all VHT paint degrades quite quickly, certainly no more than 6 months of use. As far as exhaust manifolds are concerned, personally I favour 'au naturel'.

    The fitting business depends to some extent what type of manifold it is. The 3 in to 1 ones can be trickier than most LCB's to fit with the engine in. But they will all eventually go. I have never fitted a manifold before putting the engine in, and they have all had them by the time they are running 🙂

    Have fun,

    Mark F.

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments, like the bit about the engines always having a manifold by the time they are running:D.

    As my car is only going to be used in the summer and probably only do about 1500 miles a year, do you think the HR paint would last any longer? I did think about the 'au naturel' look as well but thought a mild steel manifold would be covered in rust quickly but I suppose most of it is hidden once the engine bay is full.

    The Cooper freeflow manifold on my 998 Cooper is a pig to fit with the engine in situ. OK with the head off and would be ok if it hadHardy Spicer couplings. I am presuming the LCB will fit with the engine in situ with the stabilier bar disconnected and pulled forward at the top.


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    To be honest, I'm not sure that not using it too much will effect the longevity of the paint, I suspect the thing that shells it off is the heat, cold cycle, along with condensation, hopefully someone will be able to post their practical experience on this. I can only really surmise. In my opinion folks expect to see a bit of rust on an ex manifold. But I am sure others think different.

    On my 1070 the lcb slides straight in, but horror of horrors I use pot joints as I run a quaife LSD:-)

    I don't remember having too many problems fitting the Manifolw type 3 into 1 Cooper system on other cars though.


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