Fuel pump casting hole in block


  1. Hi guys,

    I have engine serial number 42536 and it has a closedcrankcase ventilation system. The fuel pumpmounting, cast into the block, has a threaded hole (open into the crankcase)for the earlier ventilation system stud. In the laterclosed ventilation system, what is inthishole to seal it, a stud (as for the early system) or a bolt?

    Kind regards

    Al 😕

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    Hi Al,

    My block has a stud in it sticking out some 9/16'. I am pretty sure mine is a later, closed circuit breather engine (going by the tappet chaest cover anyway)


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    Hi Andrew,

    I forgot to mention my block had a never-used stud in it too and I am checking to see if that is correct. It looks as if it might be!



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    That stud was used to hold the lower half of a breather pipe that was as you saydiscontinued fairly early on in production. The stud however remained for a good few years.


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