Transfer case bearings


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    Hi there,
    Always difficult to remove complete or just outer races of bearings in blind housings. When I rebuilt my gearbox last year I used an old homemade slide hammer to remove them. It was made from a 2 foot length of 1/2 inch 'gas' pipe with a stop plate welded to its top end. To the other end is welded a 1/2 inch nut of whatever thread you have, and sanwiched between a heavy weight you can slide up the outside of the tube. The attachment I threaded into the nut was a section of set bolt to suit the thread, with a piece of flat steel 3/4 by 3/16 inch bent at right angles at the bottom end giving a short return, weled to it. This can be shaped as required to sit into the centre of the bearing and just nick under the lip. Then by a backward slide action using the weight, gradually applied on opposing sides, the bearing can be withdrawn. Obviousy, the circlip must be removed first.
    Hope this isn't too confusing, any clarification required just say. Worth the effort as a new inner race of bearing should never be matched to an already worn outer race, the bearing life would be shortened considerably.
    The same tool can be used to pull out heavily dented panels by welding a heavy self tapping screw to the end of another bolt thread as before, pilot drilling the panel and operating the slide hammer once the self tapper has been screwed into the panel.
    Hope this helps and best of luck, Jerry.

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    Hi Matt,

    To get the outer track out of the input shaft toe bearing I run about 4beads of MIG weld around the middle of the track about 3/8' long at 90 degrees (not imperative). This has the effect of contracting the track enough for it to be carefully levered out with a couple of screwdrivers.Sometimes the track will just fall out ! If it won't work first time, runa bit more weld around and try again. I can assure you though that it does work as I have done it like this several times.

    The idler gear bearing is another story!! I got mine out by breaking the bearing up with a very sharp, small cold chisel. But it is not easy !! You can see why there is a special tool for the job!!!

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Matt,

    On the idler bearing, I used a Dremel grinder to grind the lip of the cage in four places. I removed the rollers and ground a groove down the cage to the bottom cage flange. I then collapsed the cage and dug it out. Welding the input race isan accepted trade practice for removing a bearing race from a blind hole.

    Best regards


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    Jerry, I was thinking of using a slide happer on this, so may try adapting mine. Of course I could splash out on a :


    But I think that may be a little over the top!


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    As I'm just about to replace the bearing race in my housing, I was wondering how others did this. In the pastI have used various methods, none of them entirely successful. Although I did manage it in the end.

    I like the idea of welding the outer race and will probably try it. I'll let you know how it pans out.:D

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    I removed the brg race by heating the case in the oven (sorry honey, that's mine:P ) then slamming it on a hard surface. I froze the new one in the fridge and slid it in after.

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    Both are easy.

    Small roller bearing: I have tried all the DIY methods and have found the onlt reliable way is with a puller, about £25 form any pro tool shop.

    Big one is a piece of P. Remover the big circlip,stick the entire housing in your domestic oven, when the wifes out 😉 and let it sit there for about 20 minutes at around 100°C. take the housing out (with gloves) turn the housing face down and the race will just drop out. I must have done about 50 like this and only 1 failed, this was cos some kind soul has had the casing blasted before it was stripped.

    Mark F.

    PS. I have an old oven in the garage for just this sort of thing. My mates used to laugh, they don't nowadays though, cos they have seen just how useful it is. M.

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    As that seems an easier option, I may try that method first. I'll let you know how it works out.;)

    Now when is my wife on a night out:dude::dude:.


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