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  1. I was interested toread that in the last lot of Mk1 cars, Mk2 type doors were fitted(ie door handles with safety boss) and so were the Mk2 type bootlid (solid inner shell) Anyone know of other instances where newer parts were used on the late Mk1 cars? Cheers, Matt

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    I think the so called Mk2 double skin bootlid was used on [b]all [/b]oftheMk1's made in '67, the later door handles from early '66, and the 'Mk2' rear quarter lights in stainless on the last of the Mk1's.

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    The move to door handles with a boss followed a case involving a nasty accident to a young boy standing on a pavement next to a mini. The door handle caught his cheek and he was horribly injured. The company changed the handles after criticism of the handle design arising from this event.



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    I know where there is a late (F) MK1 with a 1000 engine and remote, looks like a factory job and he says its original. You live and learn :shock:Steve.

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