'66 S on e-Bay


  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    There is a very original little 1966 Cooper S on e-Bay at the moment that is from my home town. It is worth a look,just to see it. I went to look at it some months ago and found myself pretty keen on it, it's soo original. Item 200030341965

    By the way, it is not my auction!



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    Just in case nobody saw it, the car sold on Saturday evening for US$20,500 !!!!! Thebuyer is from Australia,no doubt it will be off there soon.


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    I heard last night that the buyer was a woman who bought it as a birthday surprize for her Mini-mad husband. WHAT A WOMAN! 😉


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    Now why didn't I marry a woman like that ? 🙁 That's a £7k prezzy ! :dude:

    Looks a great car , real time warp. Just goes to show they still do turn up,butrarely in the UK !


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