Headlining Removal !


  1. I want ot remove my headlining that is in very good condition but don't want to force or stretch anything. Anyone offer any advice on this. Thanks, Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    Assuming your car is a Mk1, remove the screws and cup washers above either door pillar and remove the wiring from the interior light. As one of these wires is live, it might pay to remove the relevant fuse if the battery is still connected. Grip the front lining firmly at the rear edge and wriggle it left to right as you pull it rearward. Once you have moved it an inch or so, work one side down from roof rail edgeand keep bring the lining back. At this point, this one side will disengage and the front will come right out. Therear section is just a repeat of the front. It all takes some care but they are not too delicate really.



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    For re assembly, you will find it very helpful to run a wax candle round the cant rail before reinserting the linings, this will help them slide back into position without damage.


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